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Faith is Not What You Know, It's Who You Know

When you are faced with a troubling issue in life, what is the first thing you do? Maybe you find someone who's been through the same situation you are dealing with and you talk to them. Sometimes, you research online how to combat it. Maybe, you read a book to learn helpful tips.

When we are faced with trying situations, our instinct is to do everything we think we know we can do to fix the problem

Why do we do this? Because our culture is obsessed with quick fixes and videos on how to do this or how to fix this. If you want to get healthy follow a fitness instructor. If you want to know how to make a salmon bowl find a food blogger. If you want to get spiritually fed, follow someone on TikTok.

All around us, we are filled with constant information. Feeding our minds every day with new information or old information recycled but packaged differently. There is no shortage of information.

But, I wondered if our obsession to know things and fix our problems has filtered into our life of faith.

We apply the same rules to our walk with God. So when we’re faced with an issue instead of handling it in a spiritual way we handle it with what we know.

Because we think faith is what we know. But is that’s not how it works?

If faith is what we know then would we have stories like Moses parting the Red Sea? Or manna falling from heaven in the wilderness or God providing water from a rock to feed the Israelites? Or sick people being healed or dead people rising? I don’t think so.

All of these miracles were not accomplished by what we know. Do you know how to push water on either side of a desert? Or how to make a bread-like flake fall from heaven or make water which is completely made of rock become liquid and magically appear? Or how to make a heartbeat again.

If we are being honest with ourselves the answer is no.

Because faith is not based on what you know it’s based on who you know.

Every miracle in the Bible was accomplished by God.

So if I am going through something yes it’s good to research and understand my problem but more importantly, I need to go to God about my problem.

Because faith is not about what I know it is who I know.

And what I do know is that God will hear me. He will help me. And he will guide me.

So maybe it’s time to surrender what I know and instead surrender to God because he knows the way and he knows the answer.

Whatever you’re going through cast it over to him. Your marriage is broken go to God. If you’re sick go to God. If your kid is acting up go to God. If you are discouraged go to God. If you are anxious go to God. If you are scared to go to God. If you are worried about your finances going to God.

Whatever you are going through exercise faith in God.

Because faith is not what you know it is who you know.

And here’s the truth: God knows what’s best for us, His plan is perfect, no matter the outcome, and His purpose will prevail.


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