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We Are Praying for a Breakthrough, But God Has Something Bigger For You

There are times when we sit before God and we are begging and pleading for a breakthrough. We pray for one week, and one week becomes one month, and one month becomes a year. Then before you know it you are past a decade and you’re wondering, “God why haven’t you answered this prayer?” “Why haven’t you made the breakthrough happen?

Is it because God cannot do it? The answer is no, the Bible says God’s arm is not too short. It also says, is anything too hard for God? This tells us that God can do everything and anything.

I believe that’s what Peter felt like when he was trying to catch fish. He went fishing with the men all night and they couldn’t catch anything. The next morning Jesus was there teaching the crowds but then he asked to use Peter’s boat. Peter allowed him and when he was done teaching, he said to Peter lower your net. 

Not you have to understand, Peter had been trying to catch all night and Peter is a fisherman Jesus is a teacher to him. Peter explained to Jesus, we’ve been catching it all night, but we’ve got nothing. But because you said, so I will do it.

Peter, obeyed the word of God. And when he did, something amazing happened. The nets began to break, and the boats began to be filled with fish, and the boats began to sink. This was a big blessing.

The breakthrough had come.

All night Peter was fishing, but he got nothing.

Peter was a skilled fisherman but caught nothing.

But when Jesus told him to lower his net, and he obeyed God, the breakthrough came! 

This tells us that God can do anything.

Which means God can do miracles in your life. His way, His time, for his purpose. 

Whatever you are praying for God can do it. 

But what if life is more than just the breakthrough we are praying for?What if God has something more?

You see after Peter saw what Jesus did, he fell to his feet and told Jesus to go away from him. Why did he do that? Because he couldn’t believe that a pure, mighty, and holy God would stand that close to him. Would be in his presence. Would want to talk to Peter. Peter felt unworthy.

And the same will happen will us when the breakthrough comes.

We will fall to our feet and worship God. But we will also feel unworthy.

But Jesus said to him don’t be afraid., I will make Then Jesus said to Simon, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.” 11 So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.

This wasn’t about the fish. 

This wasn't about the breakthrough.

This was about calling an ordinary man to do extraordinary things – to find people to draw to Jesus.

I think we forget that is our call too. 

Yes, it’s nice to receive healing, to get married, to have a child, to get the dream house, or job, and to be financially secure.

But God has more for us.

He wants to use us to find people to hear the gospel truth.

He wants people to be saved.

He wants people to live by the Holy Spirit and not their flesh.

Because at the end of the day, that is what matters to him and is close to his heart.

So pray for the breakthrough, but even better, pray for God to use you to help others join the kingdom of God.


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