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If I Had Waited on God

In our fast-paced society which allows us to scan our phones to get our coffee or click a button to place an order, it’s hard to wait on things in life when we are used to getting things within minutes or seconds. 

We want what we want, and we want it now. 

But we forget in the spiritual world good things come to those who wait.

Waiting doesn’t mean you’re behind.

Waiting doesn’t mean God has forgotten you

Waiting is about trusting God, and trusting him for the best.

In 1 Samuel 13, the Philistines raised an army against Israel and the Israelites scattered and they were afraid. Pressure was mounting up and the existing king, Saul, was told by the prophet Samuel to wait seven days and he would arrive. But seven days passed and Saul decided to take matters into his own hands. He offered up the burnt offering instead of waiting on Samuel. When Samuel got there he asked Saul, what have you done?" Saul said, "You didn’t come and so I took matters into my own hands."

But Samuel told Saul, "You have done a foolish thing."

What was the big deal? The big deal was Saul disobeyed God. He was given a specific word to wait seven days but decided to go ahead of the Lord.

And sometimes because of the pressure around us, the pressure of time, people, and resources we decide to take matters into our own hands and rush ahead of the Lord.

And in doing so, we disobey God.

But what’s scary is what Samuel said next to him.

”“You have done a foolish thing,” Samuel said. “You have not kept the command the Lord your God gave you; if you had, he would have established your kingdom over Israel for all time. But now your kingdom will not endure; the Lord has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him ruler of his people, because you have not kept the Lord’s command.”“ ‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭13‬:‭13‬-‭14‬ ‭NIV‬‬

What sticks out the most in that passage is when Samuel said to Saul, "If you had."

Think about that for a moment.

If you had.

If Saul had waited his kingdom would’ve lasted forever. But because he didn't wait, Saul is going to be on the throne, but will not have an everlasting kingdom. The everlasting kingdom will be given over to David and his descendants.

I wonder how many opportunities or how many blessings we forfeit because we just didn’t wait. Instead of getting the best, we got something else. Or even worse because we went ahead of God, we caused suffering and damage to our lives.

And if we had waited we wouldn't be where we are right now.

If Samuel waited, he would’ve had an internal kingdom.

Perhaps, if we had prayed.

If we had saved our money.

If we had walked away.

If we had said no.

If we had persevered.

If we had ….

We would be in a different position.

Maybe right now you’re trying to take matters into your own hands but let us learn from the story, it’s just better to wait.

Wait on God, even when it’s hard.

Wait on God, even though time is ticking.

Wait on God and do what is right.

And in due time we will receive our reward and only that the highest blessing of God.


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