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God is Still Writing Your Story

Growing up I liked to write stories with plot twists, major climaxes, and the good guys and bad guys. I mean who doesn’t like a good versus evil story, and a superhero in the mix? That’s why DC and Marvel movies have done so well, we all love it!


Writing a story is one thing, but living it is another. What do you do when your life story has no plot twists, there is no climax, and the bad guys are winning? When you feel like life is not shifting and you are in a holding pattern. No matter what you do life is the same and you feel stuck.


I believe that is how the disciples of Jesus and the women who believed in him felt when they found out he was dead.


Think about this for a moment. 


They ate with Jesus.


They witnessed miracles with him.


They learned from him.


They did life with him.


To them, he was REAL. 


He was not made up. He was the Messiah that was talked about in the books of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Micah and others. 


They were not hoping for a new Messiah. To them he was Christ and he was their King.


But everything changed once they learned that he was dead.


I think we can relate to how they felt. 


When you put your hope in something or someone and then it doesn’t turn out the way you expected the feelings are real. We can feel anger, sadness, and disappointment. And if we are honest, suicide and depression can creep into our lives.


When you get there what do you do? Do you stay stuck?


We learn from the women in the Bible that they still went to the tomb to prepare the body of Jesus.


That’s a lesson we can learn too.


Still live your life, even though life is not going the way you want. Still, get up. Still eat. Still, meet friends. Still go to work. Still, go to the sports game. Still do life even when life is gone from your heart.


Because when they did that, something amazing happened. When they get to the tomb. The stone was rolled away, two angels spoke to them, and Jesus’ body was gone.


I believe that as we trust God and keep going, he can do the same in our lives. 


He reverses that which we thought was over.


He can fix the broken relationship

He can heal.

He opens a new door.

He can provide.

He can help us to forgive.

He can free us from pain.

He can release us from sin.


In our mind, the story is over, but in God’s mind, he is still moving us to the climax! 


But it gets even better. 


When the women see the angels, they say something so key. "The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again. ” Then they remembered his words." (Luke 24:7-8).


This is so key. The angels tell them, the reason this is all happening. It’s because this was God’s plan. Sometimes the confusing, crazy, weird situation we are going through is part of God’s plan. God was supposed to die. God was supposed to rise. This was for the salvation of the world.


You might not understand it but whatever closed door, or situation that makes no sense happened to you, could be part of God’s plan. He is allowing us to go through it because he is doing something through it for his purpose and plan. 


Let’s recap: in their mind, it was over. It was confusing. It didn’t make sense. But in God’s mind, everything was happening and going in the right direction. It was God’s plan and it made total sense. And when it was time, God finished writing the story.


Whatever you are going through right now, please don’t stop living your life. God can change and reverse it at any moment. God has a reason for why things are happening the way they are happening. 


And after everything was said and done for the disciples and women who followed Jesus, they put the pieces to the puzzle together. 


I believe the same will happen to us once God finishes writing our story. We will look back and say, God was in present. God cared and this was God’s plan. 



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