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God Can Reverse Your Situation

I remember one day I was reversing my car into the parking lot at the mall and my sister said to me, ‘You can reverse your car without the camera”. I said to her, “My car doesn’t have a camera, so yes I can reverse it.” She was impressed because with the new car models, you can get a car with a back camera which helps you to reverse your car, but with my car mode, when I bought it, it did not have a camera. So, I rely on the mirrors, not the camera. After reversing the car I said to her, “Well you should learn without the camera because if it breaks or does not work what are you going to do?”

It’s one thing to reverse your car, but it’s another thing in life to pray for God to reverse a situation you are going through.

It’s the situation you wished didn’t happen, or something you said or did and the question is can God reverse it?

The answer is yes!

There is a story in the Bible about a man who was born blind, and when the disciples see him, they said to Jesus, did this man sin or did his parents sin? It was assumed that if you were blessed it was because you were obedient to God, but if you were cursed it’s because you sinned.

What is interesting is that God says, that neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this happened so that the works of God would be displayed. What is God saying here? Is he saying that the reason the man was born blind is so that God could heal him?

No, God is not a cruel God. He did not cause this man to be blind. The same in our lives. God does not cause pain. Sickness, wars, famines, greed, sexual sin, lying, stealing, and evil happen because we are born with a sinful nature and in a fallen world. This means sometimes the situation we are going through is because it’s a product of sin. We live in a sinful and fallen world so we have to deal with broken things like people and situations.

So when Jesus said this happened so the works of God would be displayed, what he is saying is that because I am here, I can heal him and God will be glorified.

I believe God wants to do the same with you and your life. The thing or hurt or pain you have been dealing with due to sin or a fallen world God wants to reverse. What are you dealing with right now? Do you need God to heal you from sickness, anxiety, depression, sexual sin, greed, lust, and low self-esteem?

Whatever it is, God has the power to heal us because he is God and wants us to be free!

And that is what Jesus does with this man. Jesus makes a mud plaster and puts it on his eyes. Then tells him to go to a pool, and wash and when he does he comes back seeing.

I want you to think about this for a moment, if the man did not go to the pool he would not see. I believe that if you want to see healing in your life, you are going to have to obey God as well.

God is not calling us to go to a pool, but he is calling us to do some things. That will be different for all of us. It might mean, changing your friends. To stop watching a particular show. Give your money. Or open your Bible. Whatever it is, obey God and receive your healing.

From this story, the man did what Jesus told him, and he came back seeing.

I believe you and I will see the reversal in your lives once we obey God too.


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