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What If Where You Are Right Now is God’s Answer?

I don’t like change. I like things to be the same all the time. Whenever I go to a restaurant, I order the same meal. I hardly ever pick a new ice cream flavour just for fun. I’m not the type of person that makes plans spontaneously.

I like the familiar. That’s just me. But unfortunately, life is not that.

Life has detours. It has delays. It takes us in different directions we didn’t expect.

This is what our walk with God is like sometimes.

We know what God told us.

We know what his promises are.

We know that God has a plan.

But yet, life it’s not a straight line. Getting to our destiny will take us to places we never expect or dreamed of.

This was the situation for David. David was called by God to be the next king of Israel (1 Samuel 16). But his life was up and down. Yes, he defeated a strong man and enemy named Goliath but he also was running from King Saul.

His life is ironic. Destined to be a king but running like he is a criminal. 1 Samuel 22 tells us that David is now withdrawing to a cave. Why is this happening?

That’s a good question. Why do we also face situations that make no sense? Sickness. Relationship trouble. Financial stains. Unfulfilled dreams. Why do we face situations that are opposite to what God told us?

We won’t always have an answer to why, but what we do know is maybe just maybe where we are in this season of our life is God’s answer.

In 1 Samuel 22, it says David was in a cave and the cave is called Adullam. The word Adullam means refuge.

Think with me for a moment.

The cave is giving him safety.

The cave is protecting him.

The gave is home.

The cave is God’s answer to his problem.

Maybe you don’t like what are you going through right now but maybe just maybe it’s God’s provision, it’s your place of refuge.

Maybe your job, your country, your home, or your situation is God's answer to your problem.

Here’s another thought, the cave also represents his transition point. He’s not where he needs to be but it’s taking care of him before he gets there. The same with us as well. God is the One who is helping, guiding, and leading us. The good news is where we are is not the endpoint. It’s just our transition. Whatever God has planned for your life will happen in due time. Until then let us give thanks for what God is doing.

But yet, there is an even greater truth to David’s situation and ours. Yes, the cave is his refuge and transition point but even greater God is his Refuge. The only reason David is where he is right now is because of God. The same with us. What we are going through may not be what we want but right now it is what we need and God is providing it. Think about this, without God where would we be?

Perhaps what you are going through is not what you envisioned but for right now it’s what you need until the next season and chapter of your life. Until then, keep being faithful and obedient to God. What you are going through is not permanent just temporary and then when it’s the right time you will see the full promises of God happen in your life.

David eventually became king of Israel, whatever God has planned for you will happen too!

Prayer: Thank you Father for your love. Although life is not what I expected it to be, I give you thanks. You are the One who is helping me. Saving me. Caring for me and providing for my needs. I can't see the future but you can and until then I will trust you. Thank you for the "caves" in my life. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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