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Is it Possible to be Spiritually Confused?

Right now we are bombarded every day with so much information. We read articles about the news. We see images and post on social media. Information is being passed through conversations. Confusion is real and even more so spiritual confusion is a real thing.

What does spiritual confusion look like? It’s a person who believes in God, knows what the Bible says but still lives the way he or she likes. This person does not consult God about matters pertaining to life but thinks he or she is pleasing God.

Take the story in the Bible, Judges 17 as a reference point. A man named Micah, stole money from his mother. Then he returned it. Then the money was used to create carved images. Then he installed one of his sons to be his priest. In this story alone, Micah broke so many different laws. He broke the first and second commandment (do not worship other gods or make an idol). He also installed his son to be a priest, and only a man from the tribe of Levi could be a priest.

However, Micah and his mother thought they were doing the “right thing”. They literally thought they were pleasing God. However, they were seriously confused. That’s why the author of Judges says, "in those days Israel had no king everyone did as they saw fit" (v 6).

We also can justify our sin because we think we’re doing the “right thing”. When we lie to get a promotion at work. When we compromise our Christian values to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. When we make a purchase in a dishonest way. When we follow Jesus, but also include other religions in our daily thoughts and practice- we too like Micah think that we are blessed or walking in God’s way but really we are sinning. Just because we got what we wanted in life and we have “success” it does not mean we did it the right and godly way. You may have gotten the job, relationship, money, house but your actions was wrong.

That’s spiritual confusion.

Calling sin a blessing. But all sin is sin. How can we know what is a sin? We know what is a sin by knowing God’s word (the Bible). We cannot manipulate God by saying our behavior is right just because we think it’s OK. The world thinks it’s OK. Or even if our family and friends think it’s OK. We are not called to live by our emotions or feelings but call to live according to his word (the Bible).

How do we defeat spiritual confusion? Here are some practical things you can do.

First, make sure you know the word of God. Study the Bible. Meditate on it and read it daily.

Second, do the word of God. Actually live out the word of God in your life. Don't lie. Don't gossip. Don't mistreat others. Let the Holy Spirit who is in you give you power to resist sin and live a good and holy life.

Finally, if you have sinned, repent. Simply say to God, "I want to go your direction" and begin to do so. That might mean you have to walk away from a relationship, change some things that you do daily in your life, or maybe pay back money you wrongly received.

But in the end obedience is always better.

Remember this truth: even though you’ve sinned and you’ve had to deal with the consequences of it don’t just get stuck there. God still has good things in store for you. God is good. So much so he died on the cross for you and I so we don't have to live in bondage anymore.

Make the choice to move forward and align your life according to God‘s way and will. Choose the better way. See the blessings and favor of God. Don’t enter into more spiritual confusion anymore because it does not please God and will lead you down a dark trail. Choose the better way.

Prayer: Dear God, I must confess that there have been times I did not follow your way. I followed my way and my desires, but it was a sin. Forgive me for my sin and help me to move in the right direction. I don't want to be spiritually confused. May the Holy Spirit in me lead me in new paths and the right direction. Amen.

Click below to watch the full sermon on this topic.


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