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Something is Brewing and It’s Not Coffee

Can I tell you a secret? I don’t drink coffee. I’ve tried it but it’s just not for me. I am a tea girl. I have one to two cups a day. And if possible, I like my regular tea with a dessert to complement my tea experience.

But if I was a coffee lover, there is a process that it goes through before the cup is served. It’s calling brewing. What does this word mean brew mean? It’s the idea of preparing or bringing about.

I like this idea of preparing or bringing about it because I can relate this to my walk with God. I believe in God is constantly preparing us and getting us ready for something that’s about to happen. He’s bringing about changes, shifts, and breakthroughs. He’s brewing and I wonder, what has God been brewing in your life?

In the Bible, David eventually became king but there was a preparation time. He was a shepherd boy at heart, a harpist in King Saul’s palace, and he spent many years on the run because of Saul’s jealousy.

But after all that time preparing, running, and alone with God-worshipping and praising his name, he was now ready for what God had for him.

He was ready to be a warrior who killed Goliath.

He was ready to be a worshipper when he won wars.

He was able to listen to God and make wise decisions for himself and the people he was leading.

God was preparing him for what was coming.

God is constantly preparing us and getting us set up for his purpose and plan in our life. So let us get excited that something is about to happen. God is brewing us.

And while we wait, let us not take for granted or dismiss the preparation because the preparation time is just as important and if not more important than the actual shift.

But after our brewing time, something is going to happen.

After studying and completing all the assignments for school, you will get an educational degree.

After rewriting and submitting and writing drafts of papers you finally complete the book.

After praying and interceding for a loved one they finally devote their lives to Jesus Christ.

After working hard and saving your money you see an opportunity to invest.

After years of dedicating yourself to God and his ministry, you begin to see exponential growth.

After many years of walking in purity, you will meet your spouse and get married.

God does not overlook the preparation time. He looks at this time as something important and valuable. And then when it’s the right time he will bring about change that is needed in your life.

So get excited because something is brewing and it’s not coffee.


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