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One Conversation Can Make a Difference

Having a conversation with people is a lost art. People would rather text or email each other than have a face-to-face conversation.

If you ask me, face-to-face conversations are the best. When you text or email somebody they don’t see your body language or tone that you’re saying it. Communication gets lost through writing. It can sometimes lead to conflicts.

Life is very ironic. We are the most connected generation since the creation of the earth, but at the same time so disconnected.

That’s affected our ability to talk to people. More specifically to talk to people about Jesus.

More than anything else in this world we need to talk about God. We need to talk about why am I here? What is the purpose of life? What happens to me when I die?

We also need to need to talk about sin. We need to talk about how we’re drowning in sin. How lying, stealing, lust, envy, bitterness, addictions, jealousy, and so much more are pulling us down. How sin keeps us in bondage and we need a way out. That’s why we need to talk about our Savior. We need to talk about Jesus who willingly died on the cross to save us from our sins.

Yet, that’s not going to happen unless we say something.

When Paul went to the city of Athens, he saw that they worshipped many idols. It distressed him to the point that he opened his mouth and said something. He talked about Jesus. There were people in the crowd that wanted to hear more. At this point, he began to give a full message about God.

I believe there are people out there who are searching for the truth. However, instead of the truth, some are replacing their need for Christ with things of the world. Things like money, sex, title, pleasures, material things, relationships. Yet, they are not filled. That’s why they keep going back to the very things they believe they need because sin always makes us want more of it while the truth always satisfies.

Yet what the world needs is Jesus.

After Paul made his case about Christ the Bible says some rejected, some had more questions, some believed.

Three different responses but here is the key – some believed. We just don’t know how one conversation can change the trajectory of a person’s life.

One conversation can open the door for someone to believe in Christ. Can cause them to confess their sins. Can allow them to be forgiven of our sins. Prepare them for heaven and have eternal life.

One conversation is all it takes. Are you willing to have a conversation with someone who hasn’t given their heart to Jesus and sees their life changed?

Jesus was willing to die on the cross for you and me, we can share that message of hope to others. All it takes is one conversation.

Prayer: Father give me the confidence to talk about Jesus. Help me to share your word to others and the message of hope through your Son, Jesus Christ. You have changed my life and I know you desire to see others helped and saved. In Jesus Name. Amen.


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