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Keep Going

Do you remember the day when you heard from God in a profound way? When he put something in your spirit? How did you feel? Perhaps you felt excited, elated, and maybe full of joy.

I imagine that’s what Abraham felt like when God told him he was going to have a son. Or Joseph when he learned from God that he would do doing something great. Or Mary when she was told she was going to be the mother of Jesus. Or David when he was told that he would be King of Israel one day.

These individuals had a promise by God spoken into their life. Yet, their days were filled with more ordinary experiences rather than extraordinary ones.

And truth be told they had more of the same days that exciting days. Maybe that is want you are feeling right now about your life.

Another day. Another drive to work. Another assignment completed. Another meal prepared. Another laundry loaded. Another ordinary day.

Yet, deep in your heart you know what God told you. And you’re still waiting for him to make that promise manifest in your life. Maybe you've been thinking:

God, when?

God, you said.

Did I hear correctly?

We can spend so much of our time focused on God’s promises for our life, that we can discourage ourselves. While we believe, trust, and have faith in God we need to remember that life is not full of many exciting days. Rather, we need to remind ourselves that we will have more days of waiting, doing what is ordinary, and praying than excitement.

If that is the case, then it matters what we do and how we wait between the day God spoke the promise in our heart and those days before the promise comes true in our life.

We have to make a decision. Do we fade away and forget what God is told us or do we keep going?

I like what Hebrews 10: 36 says, “You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” In other words the Hebrews writer is saying:

So keep going.

Keep hoping.

Keep believing.

Keep having faith.

Keep raising your child.

Keep going to work.

Keep writing that sermon.

Keep treating your spouse well.

Keep being creative.

Keep being inspired.

Keep singing.

Keep writing.

Keep making money.

Keep doing all the simple and ordinary things. As you do, the very thing that God told you will come to pass because God keeps his Word. He does not lie. He keeps his promises. How do I know this truth? Because Abraham did have a son named Isaac. Joseph became second in command. David became king. Mary did become the mother of Jesus.

It’s not about getting to the promise. It’s about what you do in between the promise before it comes to pass. Let us keep our keys on the prize but let us also grow in the days of waiting, praying, and having faith.

Will you join the other men and women in the Bible who simply kept going?

God is saying simply to us keep going. So let us do that until the day God's promise comes true in our life.


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