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Jesus Is the Answer

This past year we were forced to slow down and think about life. Some of us lost our jobs or had to re-think our financial picture. Some had to deal with health changes. Some had to re-organize their work and their schedule for their kids. It’s been an interesting time.

But during this time, it has made us think more about spiritual matters. Why are we here? What is the purpose of life?

Maybe there is more to life than relationships, work, money, and status. Maybe I need to think about my spiritual connection to God. Maybe I need to consider and think about Jesus.

When you think about Jesus, what does he mean to you?

For some people Jesus does not mean very much in their lives. For others Jesus is at the center of their lives. Why is there a difference?

It all depends on how you view life.

There are some of us who are willing to admit that before knowing Jesus we would say deep down there was this continual feeling that something was missing in life and truth be told there was this empty feeling. In some cases, this empty feeling was being filled by things like money, medicine, entertainment, the government, relationships, work, or you fill in the blank. But pursuit of these things didn’t actually fix the problem rather it was just a way to numb it.

Then when we heard the message of Jesus Christ, we embraced hope, received spiritual re-birth, and the gift of the Holy Spirit. We no longer felt empty but were filled by God’s love and his power.

Where do you stand in your relationship to Jesus?

In Matthew 12, the Pharisees, the religious leaders, were mad at Jesus because he healed on the Sabbath, he casted a demon out of a man, and then they accused him of being under the power of Satan. Then they asked Jesus to give them a sign (Matthew 12: 38). A sign? That’s ironic. Jesus healed and casted out a demon what more did they need? God was right in front of them and yet they did not believe. What about you? Perhaps God has made himself known to you in so many ways but yet you are unsure about him.

Jesus replied to the Pharisees and said that the prophet Jonah came to the Ninevites and they believed and repented of their sin. Queen Sheba went to see King Solomon and believed (Matthew 12: 39-45). Yet the Pharisees, the doubters still did not believe. Yet, Jesus, the Way, the Truth, the Life. The Great I am. God with Us. The Prince of Peace. The Everlasting Father. The Great Shepherd. Our Healer. Our Friend. Our Hope. Our Savior was right in front of them. The one who was GREATER than any prophet, priest or king was there but they did not believe. What about you? Have you been doubting who he is?

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can trust in Jesus.

Because He is the ANSWER.

He is the period rather than the question mark.

He is water to those who are thirsty.

He is bread to those who are hungry.

He is help to those who are helpless.

He hope to those who have no purpose.

He is light in every dark corner.

He is the One we can trust.

He is greater than any problem.

He is God.

He is Lord.

He is Savior.

Jesus is the Answer.

All you have to do is believe.

So… will you believe?

Life does not have to be dark or lonely. Life can actually be full and joyful. And it all starts by putting our faith in Jesus Christ (Romans 10:8-9).

Have you given your heart to Jesus? Are you ready to say to him, “I am a sinner who needs to be saved?” Will you trust him with ALL matters in your life?

God is longing for you to come to him through the His Son Jesus Christ. All you have to do is believe. When you do, He can work in your life. He will give you the gift of the Holy Spirit who will guide, teach, help, comfort and lead you. You will see changes in your life as you press into him.

Will you take that step of faith?

We don’t need anymore signs. We don’t need proof. We simply can come to him in faith and receive God’s love.

Prayer: Lord, I have been doubting you. I have not been trusting you. I confess that have not thought about you. I have rejected you or I have been ignorant. Lord remove these barriers in my life and humble me. I believe you are God. I believe you are my Savior. I ask that you forgive me and I believe I am now a child of God. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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