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I Prayed, But It Didn’t Work

I know that feeling. When you prayed for something and in the end, God did not answer the way you expected. Like the time I prayed to get into a specialized school program and I got rejected. Or the time I prayed for someone to be healed but then they died. Or the time, I asked God to change my situation and he didn’t.

Just like you, I prayed and when my prayers were not answered I concluded prayers don’t work.

That God does not care and he does not hear.

But is that true? Is that really what is going on when we pray?

The answer is no.

When we pray God does care, he does hear, and he does know what we are going through.

But deep in our human hearts, we assume that prayer does not work and we begin to slander the character of God when the answer disappoints us.

Do you want to know why we think our prayers didn’t work?

Because we didn’t get what we wanted and God didn’t answer on our time.

But is that how prayer works? Do we worship a God who grants our wishes like some believe every Christmas when they write a letter to Santa?

Do we honestly believe that God doesn’t understand the concept of time when he is the one who is called the Alpha (the Beginning) and Omega (the End)?

I beg to differ.

It’s not that prayer didn’t work. It’s how we are looking at our prayers that are misconstrued.

You see God, cares more about why we pray for what we pray for than what we pray for (James 4). Motive is important to him.

God also will grant the prayers that are according to his will (1 John). Not what we want but what is best for us and God.

God will fulfill his purpose (Isaiah 46: 10) even if that means we will lose in life and it makes no sense. Like Job who lost loved ones and assets and Jesus who had to die on the cross.

Prayer does work, but we need to give it time.

Because time will tell the truth.

As we live life, we will begin to see that a good God does care, know, and answers us.

He wants the best for us and knows what is best for us (Matthew 7) and we just have to trust our loving and caring God.

When David prayed for his son to be spared and God did not give it to him, he had to accept that answer but God gave him another son.

When David was promised to be king, in due time he was granted his promise.

When Daniel who was in prison prayed for an answer, in due time he got his breakthrough

When Hannah was barren, waited and waited and waited, finally had her son Samuel.

In time, God will answer. His way. His time. With his resources.

And when we look back, we will appreciate the nos in our life and we will rejoice over the yes.

But what about the evil we faced or the people and things we lost in life? We will believe that all the pain we went through will turn out for our good (Romans 8: 28). It won’t bring back what we lost, but in time God will heal our hearts so that the pain will not affect us the same way anymore. He will turn our wailing into dancing.

But until then, don’t stop praying because praying does work, you just need to give it time.

Prayer: Father help me to understand that not every no or the way things didn't work out in my life means you are unloving and unkind. Rather help me to see that you are working in my life and want the best for me. Help me to trust with every situation in my life and know that in due time you will work everything for my good. Amen.


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