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God Will Come Through

Have you ever faced a situation that looked impossible? You thought how did I end up here? I mean, we don’t plan on sickness, broken relationships, or children being disobedient to parents. But here we are. We are going through very hard and troubling situations.

The disciples and Jesus faced a troubling situation in their life too. In one scenario (Mark 6: 30-44), a crowd had gathered around them and it was getting very late. Jesus told the disciples to give them some to eat. But all they had were two fish and five loaves of bread. This crowd was over five thousand people. The disciples told Jesus it would take half of someone’s year's wage to feed all these people.

Their problem was big. There were about 5000 men to feed, and that does not include women and children. This means the number was more like 12,000 people.

Their question to Jesus was legitimate. Where are we going to find food to feed all these people? Their concern was real. The situation was impossible.

But in the story, we have Jesus who remains calm, cool and collect. He says to them "you feed them."

The situation phased the disciples but it didn’t phase Jesus.

He did not look at the size of the problem.

He did not look at the cost of the problem.

He didn’t even look at what they had.

For him piece of cake.

That is true for our situations. You see we look at the size of the problem. For us, it’s a mountain. I have a big surgery coming. I have a big financial payment coming. A natural disaster hit my community and we have to deal with home damage and a shortage of supplies. The problem is too big but for God no problem.

We look at the cost of the issue. We say to ourselves there’s no point in investing in my education, in my marriage, in a property, in my business, in my church ministry. I just don't have the funds. I don't have the time. I can't be bothered.

We look at what we have. The disciple said they only had two fish and five loaves of bread. We say to ourselves all I have is five dollars in my bank account, I have a little job, I have a little house, I have a little church.

But here’s the key to the story. Jesus gave thanks and when they began to distribute the fish and the food somehow multiplied.

When we give over our stuff to God and give thanks somehow the little we have multiplied.

That is the miracle. It’s not what we have it’s WHO we have and we have Jesus Christ.

Jesus takes the little we have and he multiplies it. He makes a way when there should not be a way. He not only meets our needs he gives us more. In this story, after everybody ate they had 12 basketfuls left.

The story reminds us that nothing is impossible with God. We don’t need much to see God’s hand move. And that our God will come through.

Whatever you’re going through you will survive it. And not will only will you survive you will thrive. God has more for you don’t stop believing.

Prayer: Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for being my God. I am facing a big situation that I cannot handle on my own but I know you can. Help me not to look at the size of the problem. Help me me not to look at the cost of the problem, Help me not to look at what I have. But remind me to be thankful and to look to you because you are all-powerful, great, and compassionate. I believe that you will come through. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


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