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Can Anything Good Come From a Bad Situation?

Your immediate answer to this question is probably no. Like what good thing can come out of the death of a loved one? Or what good thing could come out of this Covid pandemic situation or a divorce or separation?

Situations like these are terrible events but what if I told you that despite the pain, suffering, and hardship that we have to go through in life something good can still happen? God can still administer his plan in your life? You might be thinking, how? Let's take a look at the Bible.

If we look at the life of Joseph in the Old Testament he went through a very trying time. His brothers didn’t like him. His father rebuked him. He was sold into slavery. Accused of rape. He was put into prison. Yet in all those things the Bible says God was with him. Despite his pain the one good thing he experienced was God‘s presence. The same with us no matter what situation you are facing right now, God is with you.

What about David? He was on the run even though he was next in line to be king. David was a man after God’s heart but Saul, the existing king of Israel, did not like him. Jealousy consumed Saul so he chased after David. But despite being chased by Saul, David was faithful to God. David had an opportunity to kill Saul twice but he didn’t. He believe that Saul was God‘s anointed. The one good thing that came out of David’s situation was it revealed his true character. David was a man who trusted in the Lord. During your hardships your true character will be revealed. You will find out how much faith and trust you truly have in God when you endure suffering and pain.

And what about the apostle Paul in the Bible? Although Paul preached the gospel. Touched peoples lives. Saw people healed because of Jesus. He was put in prison and in house arrest. And during those times he wrote the letters of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon. Some may say he wasted his time but it was in those hard times he penned the word of God. Something good still came out of his trouble. He was productive. While you are going through a dry season in life, why not do what you can. Still be a good spouse and parent. Write a book, complete your degree, build on your relationships, save your money, work on your health goals. Life does not have to stop just because you are in a season you cannot control.

When we look at these individuals in the Bible we can see that despite the pain that each one went through something good came out on the other end. Perhaps we need to look at our situation differently. Yes our situations are bad but we serve a good God and he can still do something good in our lives. Romans 8:28 says "and we know in all things God works for the good of those who love him and who been called according to his purpose."

Probably the best example of God doing something good through suffering is Jesus himself. Jesus was liked by many people but he was also was disliked by many. He did the work of God and yet he was questioned. He was God in the flesh and yet there was so much hostility against him. And as he hung on the cross -his body broken and his blood was shedding he cried out to God and said, "“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27: 46). It looked like a picture of doom. Scratch that it was a picture of doom but the truth of the matter is some thing good was happening in all the ugliness and suffering of Jesus. That something was our salvation. He did it for us. Died for our sins. To give us new life. So that we could be new and walk in his grace. Love is what put him there. Love is the reason he died. Love is the reason we have everlasting life.

Now when I go through a hard situation, instead of looking at how difficult it is. I begin to look at the positive. I remember that God is with me. I ask God what do you want me to do in this time? How are you using the situation to grow me? What good will come out of this hard and bad thing?

When we are having a rough day let us remember the life of Job. Job lost his family, money, and his health. It was a very difficult time. However in Job 42 after persevering. Trusting in God. Still worshipping the Lord, God restored and blessed him. The Bible says that he had seven sons and three daughters. It says that he lived to the fourth generation. His wealth was restored. God blessed his ladder life more than his former life. I believe the same things happen to us as well. As we keep in step with God. As we keep persevering. As we keep serving him. God will bless us and do wonderful things.

Don’t let the hard things that have happened in your life weigh you down. Keep your eyes on Jesus and as we move forward with the Lord he will do great things for you.

Prayer: Dear God, this has been a very hard season for me. Some days I don't know if I am coming or going. Help me to trust you. Help me to keep my eyes on you. Help me to know that your plan for me is good. I don't understand all that is happening in my life but I will choose to trust you. May your presence help me. May I grow in this time. May I be productive. May I your perfect and good plan be executed in my life. May you bless me even though I am feeling this pain. In Jesus Name. Amen.


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