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How Did I End Up Here?

Life is interesting, there are times in our life when we wonder, “God, how did I end up here?” Either we made plans, then life happens and plans are changed. Or we made no plans, but still ended up in a situation that is hard. Has that every happened to you? Being in a situation that was totally unexpected.

This was the case for two mothers in 1 Kings 3. In the story, two mothers were pregnant and lived in the same house. One woman had her baby and the other women had her baby three days later.

The Bible says that both of these women were prostitutes. When I think about these two ladies, I wonder did these ladies set out to be prostitutes? Prostitutes were tolerated in society but were looked down upon. If a woman did not marry or if her husband died she might end up becoming a prostitute in order to survive. Can you relate to these ladies? Perhaps you did not set out to be single, work two jobs, lose your husband, or be infertile, be separated or divorce, lose your health or job and yet this is what you are going through?

These women also lived in a time where they did not have the support of the world around them. Their societal systems were set up to oppress them rather than to uplift them. Slaves or daughters were sold into prostitution by their parents. If her husband died, she was could marry her deceased husband’s brother. However, if the brother refused to marry her, she might end up becoming a prostitute. Women were dealing with a system that treated them unequally. Economic security for a woman depended on her relationship to a man. Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you tried in life, the system of race, gender, class, was opposing you? You tried to move forward but kept falling behind?

To make matters worst unfortunately one woman laid on her baby and the baby died. The woman whose baby died switched the living baby and said it was hers. Due to the switch, both women their brought their case to the king Solomon.

The mother whose baby died thought it was acceptable to steal another woman’s baby and claim it has her own. She was mentally and emotionally distraught. Have you ever done something in your life, that you thought was okay but really it was wrong? In your mind you reasoned your behavior was acceptable but it was a sin? What this woman did to the other woman was wrong.

Sometimes life, the world, and trauma can lead us in a dark place. This woman was a prostitute, lost her baby, and is now traumatized. She has become so bitter and angry about life. When King Solomon heard the case from both mothers, he suggested that the baby be cut in half and the woman whose son died agreed! Yikes!

Are you in such a dark place in your life that you want others to suffer the same pain you are felling? Has something happened in your life that you are now emotionally, physically, and mentally distraught? You are not yourself? You feel angry and bitterness?

When this happens what should you do? You can respond to trauma the right way. I was reading an article about how to deal with trauma and it gave four suggestions. First, give yourself permission to grieve. It’s okay be sad about your situation. Grieving is healthy. Second, talk to someone or journal. It’s helpful to find someone you can talk or journal your thoughts. This is another positive way to deal with your feelings. Third, pray to God. Express honest feelings to God. Tell God why did you let this happen? Or why didn’t you let this happen? God may or may not answer you but he does promise to stand by you. Finally, if you are still having challenge like bad memories, nightmares, depression, anxiety, even after three months seek a counselor.

Full article notes on dealing with trauma please click here.

Here is the good news, despite the trauma and hard things we face in life we serve a good God. God wants to restore us and bring healing in our life. We may not always understand why we have to go through what we go through, but God can change our situation.

God through the power of the Holy Spirit can take the situation that has caused you much pain that when you think about the situation, it will no longer hurt you in the same way. You might still remember the situation but the pain begins to subside.

The Bible says “weeping may endure for the night but rejoicing comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5). It also says, “you turned my wailing into dancing, you removed my sackcloth and clothed with me joy” (Psalm 30:11). "Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter you will restore my life again"(Psalm 71:20).

In my life, my relationship with someone was strained. Growing up this person tried their best to be kind and loving to me but really struggled to express love in the right way. I had forgiven this person for their mistakes and had peace in my heart. But God wanted me to have complete healing. Fast forward many years later, this person wrote me a poem about me. I thought why did they write me a poem? I remember taking the poem that was written and reading the card and the scribbled words in my room. It was a poem about me and this person expressed appreciation for my life. Streams of tears flowed down my face but they were not tears of pain they were tears of peace.

God at the right time, at the right place, and at the right moment gave me instant healing. I no longer felt pain but rather I felt restored. I believe the same way God healed my heart is the same way God wants to do in your life.

Dear God, thank you for helping me despite the pain I am feeling. Thank you for leading me even though I don’t understand. Thank you for healing me in your time and in your way. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

To watch the full sermon on this topic please click here

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