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When You Are In A Crisis

In life we will go through challenges, hardships, or even a crisis. When this happens what should we do?

In the book of Acts 4 we can learn from Peter and John the following things we can do to help ourselves when we’re going through a crisis.

1. Meet with people and pray with them (v 23-24). Peter and John were going through a challenge in life and they decided to find people in their life that they could talk to and also pray with them. We can do the same thing as well. Are there people in your life that you can talk to you? And that you can pray with? This will go a long way in terms of fighting your challenge.

2. Recognize the power of God when you pray. (24-28). We serve a sovereign God who knows all things. He knows what will happen before it happens. He’s never surprised by what happens in life. Peter and John understood that God was big and their problem was small compared to their great God. When we realize who we are praying to all of a sudden our problem begins to shrink.

3. Pray for obedience (V29-30). When we’re going through something rough in life we can easily say God it’s too hard. I can’t persevere, but God is calling us to persevere and to be obedient. It’s easier to be quiet and not speak the truth, but obedience means following God no matter the cost.

4. God will respond (v31). After Peter, John, and the others finished praying the Bible says that the meeting place was shaken. This indicates that God was there. When we pray God will respond as well. He can speak to us in different ways. He can talk to you through a word, a person, a sermon, or a dream. Don’t limit the Holy Spirit. He wants to speak to us.

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