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Are You Willing to Wait for God’s Promises?

What promise are you waiting for? It could be the promise of marriage, healing, court case, financial stability, salvation of loved ones. Whatever God has promised you, what should you do as you wait on God?

From the story of 1 Samuel 26, we can learn from a man named David on how we should wait for God’s promises. Firstly, as we wait on God’s promises we are going to have desert days. Days where nothing is happening, it’s dry, and there is no movement. God promised David that he would be the future king (1 Samuel 16). The only problem is everything in David’s life was the opposite. David was on the run, hiding, and in the desert. The same will happen to us. We will have dry days.

Secondly, as we wait on God our character will be tested. David had an opportunity to kill Saul - the man who was chasing him, but he decided to let God deal with his enemy. The same with us, let God deal with the people in our lives who are trying to bring us down.

Thirdly, as we wait on God’s promises to come true let God make the promise happen on His TIME and His WAY. David could have killed Saul and make the promise happen faster. Instead, David made a choice to let God make it happen. The same with us, don’t rush into a marriage, financial investment, a job on your time, but let God make it happen.

Fourthly, remember that God is working behind the scenes in our favor. When David went down to where Saul and the men were the Bible says that the “Lord had put them into a deep sleep”. This allowed David and his men to take Saul’s spear and water jug. David proved to them that he was innocent. Realize that in our own life that God is working behind the scenes. He is making things happen for our benefit.

Lastly, as you wait on God’s promises, God will show your enemies that He is on your side. There are people in your life that will try to bring you down, talk bad about you, or slander your name. However, God will ensure in the end that you are blessed and successful.

In the end David became king of Israel. In the end, whatever God promised you it will happen.

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