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The Power of God’s Word

One of the most powerful weapons we have in our hands today is God’s Word. This is the Bible. True in every sense. Authoritative in every way. God’s Word cannot be changed.

One of the challenges we face today is when we question the authority of God’s Word. Now it’s okay to ask questions ABOUT God’s Word. For example, what does sanctification mean? What is eternal life? What is forgiveness of sins? These are valid questions to ask.

But, when we begin to challenge or re-write what God’s Word says this is when we run into problems. For example, taking the life of another person (abortion), talking about someone (gossiping), or taking what does not belong to us (stealing) and saying that these actions are okay when God’s Word says it’s not (Exodus 20 and Proverbs 11: 13) – that’s a problem.

It’s a problem because when we live by what we think or feel rather than what God’s Word says then we are changing who God is and what He stands for. Life is not about what we think or feel, but it’s about what does God’s Word say about life matters like – murder, gossip, stealing, marriage, money, etc? When we choose to live according to God’s Word versus what we feel/think we will have less problems in our life.

Let us make a choice to study, know, and understand God’s Word so we live by His Word and not by what we think/feel.

The enemy knows that if you and I live by what we think and feel we will be defeated. That’s Satan’s plan to deceive us (question God’s Word) and make us fail. This year have victory in your life by choosing to live by the power of God’s Word, not by what you think/feel.

Live by the power of God’s Word not by what you think/feel.

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