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Is Your Faith Being Tested?

The Bible says that sometimes God tested his followers. For example God tested Abraham (Genesis 22), he tested Job (Job 1 and 2) and Jesus tested his disciples (John 6: 6). This means that God will sometimes test you and me. When this happens what should we do? The answer is simple but difficult-God wants us to OBEY Him and TRUST Him. God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, God allowed Satan to cause Job to experience pain and suffering, and Jesus tested his disciples to see if they would trust in Him. What circumstance has God allowed you to experience?

Perhaps what you are going through right now is a test. Don’t give up on God or His plans for you. This is only a test. Once you pass your test you will see your rewards. Abraham was blessed with the promise of being the father of many nations, Job received double for his trouble, and Jesus took 2 fish and 5 loaves and fed over 5000 people.

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