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Praying with Thanksgiving

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you prayed and gave God thanks? Is there any power in giving God thanks while we pray?

The Bible says to pray with thanksgiving (Philippians 4: 6) and that we should give thanks in all situations (1 Thessalonians 5: 17-18).

We know that this is true because Jesus himself gave God thanks for five loaves of bread and two fish (Matthew 14: 18) to feed a crowd and because of this more than 5000 people were fed and food was left over. In another Bible story, before Lazarus rose from the dead Jesus gave God thanks (John 11: 41). In 2 Chronicles 20, King Jehoshaphat asked the men who were going to battle to say “Give thanks to the LORD, for his love endures forever” and as they did this their enemies were defeated.

These Bible examples causes us to think about the power of prayer with thanksgiving. How our thanksgiving to the LORD can allow us to experience miracles in our lives.

What if we prayed and said to God, "Lord thank you for my marriage, my kids, my job, my health, my home, my car, my family, my country". Maybe, we would see miracles like the people in the Bible experienced and we would see more breakthroughs.

What prayers of thanksgiving do we need to lift to God? Give thanks and see the amazing things God will do in your life!


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