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It’s Already Yours, You Just Have to Believe

Walking with God will have its high moments. There are days where you feel like you are on the mountain top - like the day you got married, became a parent, or purchased your first car. Then there are days when you feel discouraged - like when you learned you were sick, you lost your job, or your loved one died.

It’s in those moments we can question God. God, where were you in the midst of my pain? No one said trusting God would be easy. In fact, it can be very hard. But let this truth sink in, no matter what you have to go through in life God promises, plan, or will for your life will happen. They will come to pass. You just have to believe.

Right now, are you sitting between the tension of what God told you would happen in your life and your reality? Has he spoken a word into your life but it still has not come true?

Perhaps God promised you that you would be married, be a parent, have kids, have a house, have a certain job, travel, start a business, do a ministry-yet none of his promises has happened. You have been waiting. Praying. Sitting before God with your tears and days have become weeks. Weeks have become months and months have become years.

Perhaps you have even said to God, did I hear correctly?

This happened to the Israelites. In Exodus 3, God charged Moses to go back to Egypt and confront Pharaoh to let his people go. In that same passage, God told Moses I am going to give my people a land flowing with milk and honey. Fast forward to Numbers 13, God told Moses to send spies to scout the land. Twelve spies went to scout the land for 40 days. Then the spies came back to report what they saw. The men reported that indeed the land was flowing with milk and honey. Which tells us the promise that God spoke to his people was true.

But... and this is a BIG but, the majority of the men said to Moses and the community we cannot take the land. They reported that the city was too large and the people were large. They doubted the promise that God had told them. Only Caleb and Joshua believed that they could take the land. Caleb said “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.”(v 30).

God’s people were living in the tension between what he promised and their reality. Yes, the land was good. Yes, the land was filled with milk and honey BUT it was also true that the land was filled with large people and it was a large city.

In our walk with God, we are going to have to go through the same thing too in life. We will live between what God said and reality of life. For example, maybe God told you that you will get married but you’ve been in relationship after relationship and it’s not working out. Maybe God promised you children but the medical report says you cannot produce kids. Maybe God spoke a word in your life about your church and your ministry but right now it does not reflect the vision God put in your heart. We all are going to have to go through the tension of God‘s promise and our reality. But just like Caleb will we have a spirit of faith? Caleb understood that although the challenge ahead of him was difficult he believed in what God told him. His spirit resonated with God‘s word.

This is what real faith looks like, when you still believe what God told you even though your life does not validate his word.

So don’t give up on God’s promises, plans, and will for your life. Keep believing. Keep going. Keep trusting. Keep persevering. Because when it’s the right time whatever God spoke into your life - IT WILL HAPPEN.

It’s already yours, you just have to believe.

Later on when Caleb turned 80 years old, he received the land that God promised to him. What God told him would be his, he believed and experienced it.

The same with us.

You will start the business.

You will be healed.

You will be a parent.

You will own property.

You will live a holy and good live.

You will be blessed.

You will be the head and not the tail.

You will get married.

Let me make an important distinction. We are not talking about YOUR plans, ambition, will, or dreams for your life. We are talking about God’s promises, plan, and will for your life. Make note of the difference. Perhaps you are frustrated because you are wishing for something that is not God’s will, but really it is your will and this is why it has not happened. If you are confused about your will versus God’s will then give it over to God and pray through it with him. He will clarify for us, because he desires to give us wisdom, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you (James 1: 5).

But make no mistake of this, whatever God has planned for your life - it’s already yours, it will happen, you just have to believe.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, help me to believe in your word. Believe the plan you have for my life and not doubt you. Sometimes it's hard for me because my reality looks dim and does not look like your plan but I will trust you and have faith. Give me faith to believe and move forward with you. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

To watch the full sermon on this topic click here.


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