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God is Setting You Up

Remember the time you were stuck in traffic and you were late for your appointment? Or the time you got sick and had to see the doctor? Or maybe the time you wrote something for a magazine and got a call to write a piece in a book? Were those coincidences or were they situations set up by a loving God to either protect or promote you?

I used to think that all bad things that happened in life were actually not good, but as I grow in my faith in God, I am learning that truly God does work all things for the good of those who love him and who have been called according to his purpose (Romans 8: 28).

We learn this truth in in 1 Samuel 9. In this story, Saul’s father, Kish, was missing his donkeys. Saul and his servant went to find the donkeys that were missing. These missing donkeys lead them to a place which then lead them to see prophet Samuel. They thought their mission that day was to find donkeys, little did Saul know that God had bigger things in mind – the installation and appointment of him being the first King of Israel.

I wonder how many insignificant things in our life we complain or get mad about only to find out later that God was doing something behind the scenes. Maybe we got stuck in traffic because God didn’t want us to be near a site where evil was going to happen. Or the time you got sick and went to see the doctor only to discover that you had a more serious situation and it was caught earlier rather than later. Or the time you wrote the small article for a magazine only to lead you to write something a longer piece in a book.

You see God is not a random or accidental God. We are his child and he is always working to ensure that we are getting the best and we are protected.

Not only is God working in our lives, but he is working through the people around us. In 1 Samuel 9, God was also setting up the prophet Samuel. He told Samuel that on this day tomorrow, a man is coming and when he comes anoint him. God gave Samuel the time, who, and why it was going to happen. God is doing the same in our life. He knows the time, the people involved and why what needs to happens in our life.

The kicker of this whole scenario is that the Bible says “I will send you a man” v 16). Who is sending Saul to Samuel? GOD.

How many divine connections, appointments, meetings, have been made because of God? More than we can count. He is the reason we are safe and are protected. He is the reason we got the surgery, the job, the house, the education, the degree, the provision, or escaped persecution. He sets up everything for his purpose and glory.

Saul started his day trying to find donkeys, but ended his day being anointed by Samuel to be the next king of Israel. We too will find ourselves walking into ordinary places or things but end up being called and doing extraordinary things for God – all because this is God’s plan and will for our lives.

Don’t walk away, embrace it. Be what God is calling you to do because this is your destiny and purpose in life.

No longer dwell in your pain about what didn’t happen, but get excited about the fact that God is using everything – and I mean everything – good and bad in our lives to fulfill his purpose in our life. How do I know this? Because he is the God who is orchestrating what needs to be done in our lives to protect and bless us at the same time. No other God can do this, but our God can and is setting us up all the time.

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