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God Will Surprise You This Christmas

Life can get pretty routine. We go to work, come home to prepare dinner, take care of the kids, clean the house, run errands, and spend time with our spouse and children. The next day we do the same thing again.

This Christmas God wants to do something extraordinary in your life. That’s what He did with the shepherds. The shepherds were keeping watch over their flock and then an angel approached them saying “I bring you good news” (Luke 2: 10). What was the good news? That Jesus was born!

This Christmas God has good news in store for you. Maybe you will pay your last bill for your house, car, or credit card. Maybe you will be parents this year. Maybe you will meet a special person. Maybe you will go back to school. Maybe you will be healed. Whatever it is, the good news will bring you joy (Luke 2: 10).

When you receive your good news of joy from the LORD, if you don’t believe him, He can give you a sign. The shepherds heard about the good news, but they decided to take action and check out what the angel told them. They traveled to Bethlehem and sure enough they confirmed what the angel told them “the baby will be wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger” (Luke 2: 12). If you don’t believe what God is telling you, He can give you a sign.

Once you confirm your good news, remember to praise God and spread it with others. The shepherds after seeing with their eyes what the angel told them, made a choice to spread the word. Do the same in your life. Praise God for being debt free, for your new child, for your spouse, for your home, for your health.

Have a blessed Christmas and get ready for your good news!

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