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When You’re in a Situation that Does Not Make Sense

Have you ever experienced something in your life that just did not make sense? Every time you thought about the situation, you wondered why you were going thru what you were going thru.

Joseph, Mary’s husband to be, was in that position. He was planning to get married to Mary and then he learned that she was pregnant. Imagine what Joseph was thinking when he learned that his fiancé was pregnant. God this doesn’t make sense. Why am I doing thru this? Why did my fiancé betray me?

When you’re in a situation that does not make sense, what should you do? At first, Joseph made the decision to move forward quietly (Matthew 1: 19). We can do the same. Remain calm, don’t let what you’re going through ruin your life. Move forward quietly without slandering the person who has hurt you.

However, just as Joseph was about to move forward, God reveals to Joseph, in a dream, that Mary is pregnant by the Holy Spirit, to give birth to Jesus Christ – the Savior of the world (vs 19-22). Hence, she was pregnant by God for His purpose. Maybe you’re in a situation that does not make sense because it’s the will of God and He has a reason for it.

If you’re still not sure, here are other reason you might be in your situation: perhaps God is testing you (e.g. Job), God is refining you (James 1: 2), God is using the situation so that He will be glorified (John 9), God is delaying you (Exodus 13:17), or personal sin (Numbers 14: 13). Whatever the reason might be trust Him and confess any sin in your life.

Once God speaks and He gives you clarity, choose to follow His plan for your life.

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